General Summary

Looking for some soft skills training for your technicians?  The Unified Group can help!

We have partnered with Steve Coscia, who has written curriculum for 200 trade schools.  His Soft Skills Curriculum is taught worldwide and at trade associations such as ACCA, SMACNA, PHCC, etc.  (Learn more about Steve at ).   The beauty of working with Steve is that he will customize his content, so that the examples he uses will be specific to our industry.  Steve will allow us to record the webinars so you can share them within your organization.

We will be hosting a series of three soft skills webinars for technicians.  The dates and topics for each are listed below (thank you to those that filled out the topic survey).  The cost to participate will be $375 for all three webinars.  You will also receive the recorded link once each webinar has been completed.  As a group, we can decide if we’d like to add additional soft skills webinars to our collection yearly which could build up a nice library for those that sign up.

Tuesday, October 22nd at 10 am CST
Soft Skills & Personal Accountability
World-class service companies create a culture of excellence based on the reality that everyone leads by example.  Holding oneself accountable is a primary soft skill behavior regardless of an employee’s job title.  Work disciplines such as being on time, completing paperwork and being attentive to details are just a few behaviors that make a huge difference in a company’s service level.  Managing a first-rate service department requires a bold leader who applies proven management disciplines such as setting performance expectations, providing valuable feedback and taking corrective action - just to name a few.  Attend this webinar and gain practical insight which will boost the personal accountability of everyone in your company.

Thursday, November 21st at 10 am CST
Proactive Soft Skill Behaviors
Successful service companies dominate their marketplace by NOT blending in.  They deliver exceptional customer experiences by being proactive and through continual improvement.  In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage common sense, soft skill behaviors into relationship-building strategies.  You will also learn how to improve teamwork with greater synergy.  The flowcharts, templates and diagrams supplied will be worth the price of admission.  The innovative ideas in this webinar will help employees who feel challenged due to multiple priorities and a reactive service environment.  A positive attitude, teamwork and flexibility are three valuable soft skill behaviors that employers appreciate.  You will learn tactics you can use IMMEDIATELY.

Thursday, January 9th at 10 am CST
Soft Skill Communications
The best service companies employ professionals who convey advanced soft skills behaviors such as active listening and empathy to make customers feel understood.    Integrity and honesty are also valuable soft skills that build trust for the long term.  Handling delicate customer situations requires tact, professionalism and candor.   Non-verbal behaviors such as eye contact and facial expressions are also important soft skills.  Being an active listener requires a courageous professional who is not afraid to ask questions and who paraphrases what a customer says to confirm understanding.  Attend this webinar and learn effect soft skills that will boost your communication level.

Note:  If you signed up, you will receive the recorded webinar link after the webinar is completed.

How to Register for Non-Members

If you’re not a member, but still interested in attending you can contact Janet Kelleher at to inquire about a limited number of guest invitations.