General Summary

Please join us on Wednesday, July 8th, at 10:00 AM CDT for an overview of Industrial Maid’s full range of air filtration and ventilation products, including the new I-Series line of Commercial and Industrial Air Purifiers with proprietary needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology. The I-Series units control dust, odors, pathogens, and other nuisance airborne particles, including COVID-19. 

According to a study published on Jun 2nd, 2020, by Innovative Bioanalysis, positively charged hydrogen ions generated from NPBI technology and binding to the COVID-19 virus can render 99.4% of viral particles inactivated on a surface after 30 minutes. 

Industrial Maid is a Nebraska based manufacture and a leader in the packaged air filtration industry. The engineering staff at Industrial Maid has extensive experience in solving challenging industrial and commercial air cleaning projects. We have worked with thousands of companies to help them control welding smoke, plasma cutting smoke, laser cutting fumes, wood dust, fiberglass, and composite dust, as well as many types of vapors.
We are proud to be launching the I-series product line at a critical time when health and safety are more important than they have ever been. 

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