General Summary

TEEDUP directly represents an ion generator in North America and other territories to help buildings recreate “forest” indoor air quality.  This is an opportunity that we are seeing a lot of traction in right now and the folks who are getting in early as we build out distribution channels are honestly grateful for the opportunity.   

Here are the three main points of comparison between the Sterionizer and the iWave: 

  • The Sterionizer produces up to 1 trillion ions per second.
  • Our product does not produce any ozone.
  • The Sterionizer does not require any maintenance.  It is a patented self-cleaning, non-degrading product. 

As you are offering the Sterionizer as part of your IAQ solution, customers will want to know that it is working. 

Attached, please find:

1. Our pdf booklet outlining our monitoring solution, industries, platform, and specifications.
2. A 2-pager detailing the full-solution in office spaces.
3. Explainer Video & more

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