General Summary

This webinar is being presented by our own Stacy  Shiflet, CFO of Blauch Brothers.  Stacy is a licensed Certified Public Accountantand holds credentials as a Certified Fraud Examiner

WIP:  Not Just an Accounting Exercise!
 The work-in-progress schedule (WIP report) essentially shows contractors whether active jobs are overbilled or underbilled. That difference boils down to who’s actually funding the project: you or your customer.

During this webinar we will dive into WIP reporting calculations, and we will also discuss the report from a management perspective. What are the calculations for the WIP? What is the effect on Revenue? What exactly are over/under billings and how do they impact the financial statements? How are your jobs impacting your liquidity? What does your WIP tell you about your backlog?

 Learn how to utilize the Work-In-Progress Report as a monthly management tool that everyone can benefit from, especially if you are an owner or a manager.

Learning Objectives:
Review the work in progress calculation
Learn how work in progress directly affects cash flow
Learn how management can use the WIP schedule

This webinar has been created for: project managers, accountants, and owners/managers of businesses that utilize the percentage of completion method for revenue recognition. 

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