General Summary

Please register to join our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Webinar hosted by our very own Pansy Romo and Lili Gonzalez with Intech Mechanical, both of whom are very knowledgeable and passionate about DE&I! This webinar will be held on Thursday, April 27th at 11:00am CST. Once you are registered, I will add the webinar to your calendars and send you the Zoom link to join.

Why DE&I?
An intentional and practical culture shift towards diversity and inclusion can positively impact company profitability by improving employee productivity, recruiting and retaining top talent, increasing innovation, and creating a safer workplace. Furthermore, collaborative partnerships with diverse entities provide opportunities to expand market share.

The conventional understanding of diversity has evolved over time. What started as a focus on compliance of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action requirements has moved into a critical and necessary part of doing business as a way to achieve greater financial success. Common definitions of diversity take into account “inherent” diversity traits – such as ability, age, ethnicity/race, gender, nationality, religious background, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. However, broader definitions are multidimensional and advance diversity as anything that makes us different from each other. These definitions also include acquired diversity traits – such as culture, generational and gender smarts; cross-functional business knowledge; a global mindset; military experience and language skills.

As the population of the U.S. becomes more diverse, construction companies will need to reflect the changing demographics in order to find workers and remain competitive. The arguments for a company including diversity and inclusion as a key business strategy go beyond the moral imperative of “doing the right thing” and focus on the measurable financial results that can be achieved.

Key Drivers:

  • Inclusion drives a positive safety culture
  • Diversity and inclusion drives innovation and success
  • Supplier diversity programs increase market share
  • Inclusion mitigates employee turnover
  • Exclusion affects employee productivity, resulting in a loss of revenue

How to Register for Non-Members

If you’re not a member, but still interested in attending you can contact Janet Kelleher at to inquire about a limited number of guest invitations.