Why Join

Want to grow without the growing pains? Looking to access the industry’s best training? No other group offers this level of experience, expertise, and excellence.

Strengthen your competitive advantage

The Unified Group provides you with training and networking opportunities that your competitors can’t access. As a geographically exclusive organization, we only select one contractor in each area to create an environment for you to openly share the successes and struggles in your business.

Improve your business operations

The powerful impact that one great idea can have on your business is nothing new to Unified Group members. Through the information sharing and networking you will gain more time to work ON your business instead of IN your business. Unified Group members are innovative, forward-thinking business leaders who are focused on continuous improvement.

Save time by not recreating the wheel

We have more than 2,700 years of combined industry experience which means your entire team has the ability to collaborate, share, and get the support they need. You can avoid some of the “potholes” of the business by sharing best practices with your fellow Unified Group members.

What the Members Say