Become a Purchasing Partner

By becoming a purchasing partner, you will be able to provide 25-40 independent, quality contractors with immediate information about your products and services. Our members are looking to work with partners who excel in customer service and are responsive to their needs. Remember, members buy from partners first.

Correct audience

The Unified Group will be your correct audience every single time; we represent some of the best mechanical contractors in the industry. Our members have over $1 billion in spend per year in products related to the HVAC industry.

More business

We choose our partners by using a selective qualification process and we only align with one partner per category. We strive to work together to create more business for you as well as tangible savings for our members.

True partnership

By working with our members you will build relationships and in turn, build your business. You will be partnered with an elite group of contractors who value your knowledge in the industry as well as your products.