Top 10 Reasons to Become a Unified Group Member

1.  Work together to generate business. When recommending a fellow Unified Group member to a customer who has multiple locations across the US, you are supplying your customer with a solution and know they will be getting the best service. You are the hero.
2. Visit other members. Unified Group members’ doors are always open if you would like to check out their operations, processes, software, etc.
3.  Work ON your business instead of IN your business. The Unified Group creates an environment that lets you focus on your business. The members become friends, and with friends you will always be successful.
4.  Find new ways to improve profitability by sharing best practices and success stories. You can ask anything; your competition will never be in the same room with you.
5.  The Unified Group has peer groups for your entire organization: owners, service management, dispatch, CFOs, construction, controls, sales, safety directors, and technicians. It is great to have a group of people to reach out to who do what you do daily.
6.  Partner with our purchasing partners and save money. Unified Group members have saved over $1M using our purchasing partnerships. One member has saved over $65,000.
7.  Use our email tools (Service: technical, sales, management, controls; Company Management: safety, financial, executive tool; Construction: operations, BIM/CAD) to post a question and get help quick.
8.  Hear new ideas and gain insight from your peers when you attend training sessions. Unified Group sessions are very interactive and we occasionally use well-known outside speakers to facilitate the learning and sharing among the group.
9.  Use the resource section of the website. If you are looking for a form, marketing ideas, job descriptions, processes, etc. the information is at your fingertips. No use in recreating the wheel.
10.  Need help on a HVAC unit, chiller, boiler, control line, etc.? The Unified Group’s capabilities matrix makes it easy to find the expert who can help right away.