Running an organization successfully is dependent on having effective strategies in place. Brian Martinenza, Vice President and General Manager of Service Unlimited, Inc., decided it was necessary to develop a new on-boarding checklist after attending The Unified Group’s Human Resources Forum. With input from Tebarco Mechanical’s on-boarding booklet, Brian Martinenza was underway to creating a checklist that assisted his organization in many ways.
“Too many things were getting missed and overlooked.  Many of them were easy on our end and meaningful to the employee.  It was making us look bad and not demonstrating how valuable we felt the new relationship with our employee was to us.  I was tired of trying to keep it all together myself, so the list was born,” said Martinenza.

The creation of the on-boarding checklist allowed Service Unlimited, Inc., the ability to see and strategize between payroll and the employee’s department on items that needed completion and it also ensured a consistent experience for new hires.  “We don’t miss things now that need to be done. We are accountable to one another in completing the list.  We are also making a great first impression with our new hires.  I was recently told that this was the most comprehensive and helpful process our new hire had ever experienced.  When I am trying to convince field team members that we are a first-class operation, this sets the stage perfectly,” said Martinenza.

Service Unlimited also worked diligently for 4 ½ months to get a fully operational payroll portal.  It was necessary because there were multiple delays for various reasons including security upgrades, data verification, etc.  The impact of having a new payroll portal has been great.  The format and the security of not emailing statements has been helpful.  The team has been able to get logged in and set up very easily.  “We have only received a little feedback and for the most part it has been positive.  Ultimately, I am expecting it to be a great tool for us to communicate with our team,” said Martinenza.

Having a new on-boarding checklist and a fully functioning payroll portal has allowed Service Unlimited, Inc., to progress seamlessly.  The ideas shared at The Unified Group forums have proven to be beneficial in helping members improve without having to reinvent the wheel!