Air Controls Designs & Builds the TG-Series Air Purifiers!

Awesome job to our member, Air Controls, on setting out to design and build the TG-Series Air Purifiers, which is an air purification system that spanned the gap between the massive industrial units and the small office space units.  These air purifiers offer purification and decontamination for 200 to 5000 square feet.  The TG-Series Air Purifiers come in four models: the TG-Mini, TG-Mini UV, TG-1, and the TG-2. Their sleek design, portability, and the low sound make them fitting for any industrial, office, or home setting.
The TG-Mini is lightweight, so it can be easily carried from place to place and can be used to filter a 200-300 sq. ft. space.  The TG-Mini contains a 200 CFM fan and a HEPA Filter and is perfect for hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms, and hospital rooms.  The TG-Mini UV has the same benefits, contains a 200 CFM fan, a HEPA Filter and a UV-C Light and is perfect for hotel rooms, offices and hospital rooms.

The TG-1 and TG-2 are a three-stage portable air filtration system, fabricated from 100% Surgical Stainless Steel, that will fit through a standard doorway and are as quiet as a conversation (55-60 dB)! As their names imply, the TG-1 has a single HEPA Filter and a single UV-C Light; the TG-2 has two HEPA Filters and two UV-C Lights.  The TG-1 will provide purified air for 2000 square feet. The TG-2 will provide purified air for 5000 square feet!

In each model, the fan pulls air through a pre-filter, which clears the incoming air of any particles 3.0 to 10.0 Microns in size. The pre-filtered air is pushed into a sealed cabinet containing an Ultraviolet-C Light, which sterilizes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens. The air continues through a HEPA Filter, trapping and removing any further microbes, dust and particulates down to 0.3 Microns!

With the TG-Mini and the TG-Mini UV, air quality measurements ran for 15 hours each in a 350 square foot conference room and the results were impressive!  The TG-1 and TG-2 also underwent an air quality measurement within a 2,000 square foot lobby entry and a 5,000 square foot university fitness center and was allowed to run for 7 days resulting in stellar results!

Air Controls has received excellent feedback from their customers on the purifiers, including a retirement home that loves the units. Recently, a community hospital placed an order for the TG-Mini purifiers.  The versatility and portability of these units has created an increasing demand!