Member Sharing - Blauch Brothers, Inc. & CMC Corporate Solutions!

Having step-by-step processes in place is vital for any company's growth. Blauch Brothers, Inc. worked to implement a couple of ideas to help with pull through work from their preventative maintenance (PM) contracts after attending The Unified Group’s 2020 Service Management Forum.  “This had been a struggle for quite some time, and we thought a PM checklist could be one more tool to help us fix this issue,” said Matt Blauch, Operations Manager for Blauch Brothers.  CMC Corporate Solutions shared their PM checklist and Blauch Brothers borrowed it and made it their own.  They handed it out to their supervisors to use.  Blauch Brothers was able to utilize a new process without reinventing the wheel.

There were several key components that were included in the PM checklist to make sure the jobs were completed from beginning to end.  It was important to make sure that the customer’s facility was left in a neat and tidy manner, while checking the condition of the equipment and looking for any missing panels.  It also required to check the condition of the pipe insulation and confirm the PM was performed properly with the coils being cleaned, filters changed, and nothing noticeably missed.  Finally, the new PM checklist requires that there is a check in with the customer and to note any safety issues or any items that should’ve been quoted by the technician.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a number of Blauch Brothers PM’s to be put on hold due to being slammed with other work, so this pushed the PM’s back.  “Once its fully implemented, I believe guys will begin taking PM’s more seriously.  I also believe it will open the opportunity for more training between the supervisor and technicians,” said Blauch.

Sharing of ideas and processes is one of the benefits of being a Unified Group member.  Implementing just one change can be rewarding for both the company and the customer.  Together, we make the difference!