Member Success - A&G Services

In business, having key performance indicators (KPIs) are critical to monitor progress towards
intended goals.  KPIs provide an analytical basis for decision making and also helps with focusing on what matters the most within your organization.  At The Unified Group’s Service Management Forum, Gretchen Riddle, Controller of A&G Services learned about KPIs other service managers were finding useful.  Upon returning, Gretchen collaborated with A&G’s Service Manager, Bryan Peterson to discuss ideas.  Bryan shared the value he saw in the details about the service division.

The benefit of using KPIs is the ability to set specific targets for desired levels of performance based on the company’s direction and discretion.  “At the first department meeting following the forum, we talked about all the different KPIs that The Unified Group members were reporting, and we developed a list of data to track along with the frequency of the tracking. Some data would be reported weekly, monthly and quarterly,” said Riddle.  After four weeks of planning, A&G Services was able to fine tune the items they wanted to see and how to present them.

Incorporating the extensive reporting and KPIs proved beneficial for A&G Services.  “Especially during this pandemic, the manpower KPIs have been extremely useful in seeing the trend and cost of maintaining our key personnel in service.  The weekly reporting only takes about 15-20 minutes to summarize and share with the service manager and our boss. The monthly and quarterly information takes a little longer but ultimately, there is not a lot of extra time. We learned that we already had all the data, it was just a matter of delivering the relevant information,” said Riddle.

Since the pandemic, having access to data and the ability to share important KPIs quickly and with regularity has become more important than ever before.  A&G Service’s quarterly reporting on customer profitability has also been useful for the customer service and sales teams.  Being able to track the quality and effectiveness in different areas keeps business on track.  Great job to A&G Services on your success!