Over 40 service professionals from The Unified Group met via Zoom for our Service Management Forum January 20th – 22nd.  This group gets together yearly to share best practices, learn about new technology and bring home a few ideas to save time and money within their own organizations.  “I always love getting to talk to others that are experiencing the same or similar struggles. It really helps drive home that we aren’t alone in this industry and we are all trying to get to the same goals.”  Chrissy Rizzo, Service Unlimited, Inc.

Day one started with Alyson Van Hooser, Author, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Trainer with Van Hooser Associates, Inc. that discussed Future-Proof Leadership; Creating Innovative Teams Built to Last with the group.  The number one skill today’s leaders must develop is adaptability.  Too often, by the time the need to change is obvious to everyone, it is too late and change is the most challenging for those who are most comfortable.  Ultimately, most change occurs as a result of force, not choice.  However, when change does occur, there will always be challenges as well as opportunities.

On our second day, Melissa Dick from Atlas CFO joined the group to talk about measuring KPI’s in service and Gretchen Riddle (A&G Services) and Desiree Cespedes (Standard Plumbing & Heating, Inc.)  shared the KPI’s they put in place after attending the Service Management Forum last year and how measuring these items made an impact within their organizations.  What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.  “I really enjoyed Melissa Dick's presentation.  I've heard of KPI's before, but something about the way she presented them made me want to actually do something with them.  I've already emailed my service office staff and asked for recommendations of KPI's they'd like to see weekly.  I plan on posting them on a board somewhere they can be seen easily and also sending a weekly email with the KPI's.” Matt Blauch, Blauch Brothers, Inc.

Throughout the rest of the session, the group discussed technician incentive programs, emerging technologies, tool management systems, indoor air quality products and shared some best ideas that members have implemented.  There were also small group breakout sessions to solve the biggest challenge that the service professionals were currently facing with time to get ideas and suggestions to help from others in their group.  “The best part of the meeting is the insight from each team and the willingness to share information to help others.  I thought everything was well planned.  If I didn’t attend this meeting, I would have missed seeing everyone working to help one another and some fresh ideas that will help our department.” Jeff Forbes, Standard Plumbing & Heating

A special thank you to our task force:  Mike Devito (Air Comfort Corporation), Kelly Matlock (Gregory-Edwards, Inc.), Joel Knight (Harvey W. Hottel, Inc.) and Mark Lusby (Peterson Sheet Metal) who had many calls to choose a speaker and plan the session topics.  They created an amazing agenda!