Over twenty Human Resource professionals gathered via Zoom for The Unified Group’s 2021 Virtual Financial Forum March 4th and 5th.  Pat Fuller, Director and Wellness Engineer at BKS Partners, started off the meeting with sharing Mental Health and Well Being Initiatives; she gave information about lowering stress levels and discussed many apps that members could share throughout their organizations to help their employees cope with stress.  “I found Pat’s presentation very interesting and educational.  Very thought provoking and it ignites serious self-reflection.  I want to share the information with the Cullum population.” Mendi Arnold, Cullum Mechanical Construction.  Members then discussed lessons learned dealing with COVID 19 in the workplace; survival tips, how they kept their teams intact and motivated and also touched on safety measures that have been implemented from the office to the job site.  We wrapped up the first day learning about creative recruiting methods members are using and what their hiring process looks like.  “The best part of the meeting was the conversations on critical topics. Hearing ideas others have implemented at their workplace. Relating to each other on common struggles and innovative ideas to help.” Danielle Lang, Glassman Corporation

On day two, Suzanne Boy, a founding member of Boy Agnew Potanovic, PLLC, a boutique law firm that focuses on employment, business, and government law updated the group on FMLA/ADA and reasonable accommodations.  There were breakout sessions to share and receive feedback on the member’s biggest challenges and struggles they have been facing within their role.  Best ideas and technology implemented were presented throughout the day such as leadership development programs created in-house, Paylocity which is an HR and payroll platform that helps with onboarding and office communication and electronic paystub delivery.  “It was comforting to know that other HR professionals are facing similar challenges in the workplace setting such as getting some employees to follow protocols and understand that procedures are in place for everyone's benefit.  If I didn’t attend this meeting, I would have missed onboarding ideas and the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the HR community within the industry.  Overall, the virtual forum was great and surprisingly interactive. Did not disappoint!” Shantel Bradley, Standard Plumbing & Heating

Thank you to our task force; Dave Ude (Air Controls), Mike Biske (B&I Contractors), Juan Flores (Blauch Brothers, Inc.), Mendi Arnold (Cullum Mechanical Construction) and Danielle Lang (Glassman Corporation) for helping to plan such an amazing session for the group’s Human Resource Professionals!