The Unified Group is pleased to announce Fez Mechanical as our newest member in Lexington, KY.  We are very excited to have them on board!

Fez Mechanical became a branch of The Fez Group LLC in April of 2020.  Fez has an overall mission to provide safe affordable housing to as many families as we can by building and remodeling multi-family apartment communities.  Fez Mechanical is the HVAC component of the Group that provides safe, responsible, responsive service with a 100% service guarantee.   We have a team of certified technicians who deliver quality service and state-of-the-art solutions.  We can install new equipment as well as repair or replace existing equipment.  Fez Mechanical now services over 75 residential communities and is under contract for 16 residential rehabs. They have also rapidly expanded into the commercial market in Lexington.  

Please take a moment to help us welcome Fez Mechanical to The Unified Group!