In October 2020, Service Unlimited, Inc. realized they needed a revamp and overall restructure in their service department. After an understanding of the recurring issues of communication and employee accountability, Brian Martinenza, Jr., the Vice President of Service Unlimited, Inc. knew it was time to implement a change. “There was a lot of blame and criticism flying around and it was all a result of us trying to be successful in this new technological world while having the outdated organizational structure,” Martinenza said. “I realized that I was the only one who could make the necessary changes to take ownership of our challenges and fix them. The owners forum gave me the final push I needed.” 

Service Unlimited, Inc. implemented four detailed changes. The first alteration was their reallocation of employee tasks, in addition to a new hire. This change allowed for each worker's load to become much more manageable. The second adjustment implemented was converting the Service Sales Specialist to the Company Resource Coordinator. “He is the bridge between the field and office and is solely focused on helping the staff stay accountable to themselves and the team,” Martinenza said. To increase leadership, the third modification assigned senior technician roles. These positions also created an option for mentorship from within the company to increase engagement and alignment. The final change correlated the company’s core values -- “quality, knowledge, integrity, and trust” -- to the job descriptions, which ultimately established who the company wants to be. 

“We did get some resistance,” Martinenza mentioned, but assured “we have been steadfast and consistent in our approach.” Overall, Service Unlimited, Inc. noticed a difference in expectations, while employees now have a higher level of accountability. Workers mentioned how they noticed clearer set responsibilities and a greater level of awareness, for what needs to be done. Though a little bit more time will establish the long-term benefits, Matinenza understands the importance of consistency through the transition period