EES Facility Services’ President, Eric Miske

After Eric Miske, President of EES Facility Services, attended the 2020 Annual Meeting and Owners' Forum, he knew that there were a few key items he wanted to implement within his company. With an abundant amount of younger techs coming into EES Facility Services, Miske knew now was the perfect time to create and follow a mission statement to facilitate a great company culture. “When my dad started this company he really didn’t think about culture, but through hard work and his success … he created it.” 

To have a more concrete example to refer to, Miske brought in a specialist to create mission, value, and vision statements. Though the professional facilitated the process, members of all ages within the company composed a committee to give their ideas and feedback for the company’s future culture declaration. “We planned to have three meetings to get this completed,” Miske mentioned, “after the first of the year [(2021)], we were able to finish.” During the final meeting, the team realized a tagline and logo update was also in order, so they dove into that and created a tagline and refreshed their logo. 

By the end of summer 2021, EES Facility Services plans on having their mission, value, and vision statements, in addition to their tagline and logo update completely active and fully implemented within their company.