At the 2021 Service Management Forum, Steve Adams, the General Services Manager at Johnson & Jordan, learned about a software that he did not realize would change the way his company succeeds. Joel Knight, the Vice President of Harvey W. Hottel, shared one of his best ideas implemented with the group. Company Cam Pro worked well at Harvey W. Hottel, so Knight wanted to pass on how his company has benefited by using this software.

Leaving the forum in January, Adams was excited to implement the new Company Cam Pro software, but foresaw an obstacle of employees adapting to the change. He knew he needed something more efficient for his company and determined an immediate time frame for implementation.

“We implemented the Company Cam Pro Software, and it has been great,” Adams mentioned. The software’s various attributes -- streamlining information on site, faster quote development, and immediate visuals from job sites -- is great for any company or organizational upgrade. “We are moving towards using it with our Preventative Maintenance accounts,” Adams favorably said, "so we can show when we are on-site and have a picture record of the work completed.”