Service Unlimited, Inc.’s Director of Service Operations, Rachel Sykes

After the Technical Training Webinar Interplay Learning hosted in December 2020, various members within The Unified Group began integrating the software into their companies' training and learning process. This software creates learning opportunities, through online courses, for employees nationwide. Interplay Learning has been providing technical educational training to more than 100,000 professionals, and continues to grow larger each year. Recently, members of The Unified Group: Service Unlimited, Inc., J&J Air Conditioning, Blauch Brothers, Inc., Johnson & Jordan, A&G Services, and more decided to give this platform a try.

Members at Service Unlimited, Inc. have enjoyed the technical training methods offered by Interplay Learning. The software allows users to virtually interact with tasks they will experience in their day-to-day projects, while the retention and training completion rates have proven to be higher. “All of our technicians, apprentices, and dispatch team have been competing and learning,” said Rachel Sykes, the Director of Service Operations at Service Unlimited, Inc. “It has been an amazing tool for the dispatchers who have limited HVAC knowledge.”

Whether new employees come into a company with an abundance or lack of essential technical HVAC knowledge, Interplay Learning has over 200 hours of virtual training for employees at all levels. However, a unique aspect of this platform is that workplaces are able to add their own information to the website. “I am excited to add our own training links to Interplay,” Sykes stated, “like RSES recorded webinars, so [employees] are tracked as far as who watched what, and we have a nice library of customized training paths.” The RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) is the leading education, training and certification preparation organization for HVAC professionals.

Overall, the interactive virtual reality and the three-dimensional simulations have been successful for Service Unlimited, Inc. and hundreds of other companies looking to increase the skill level of their employees.

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