2021 Leadership Forum Highlights

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IRVING, TX -- October 3, 2021 was a great day for more than 40 current and upcoming leaders within The Unified Group. Throughout the day, members were making their way to Texas to reunite with friends and meet the new members after a two-year gap of physical meetings. Hugs, handshakes, and happy faces were shared during the Welcome Reception and Dinner. “One of the highlights was seeing friends for the first time in a long time. The positive energy this group has can't be put into words...it is a feeling,” Frank Quintanar with J&J Air Conditioning said.

The group started day one looking forward to new ideas and with a mindset ready to learn. After introductions, guest speaker Jeff Ruby with RedRock Leadership took over for the rest of the day with focus on building and maintaining mental toughness, building positive relationships, and creating actionable goals. Members participated in interactive activities, small-team breakouts, and full-group discussions. “The exercises that helped bring everything together were very effective and eye opening in regards to the positive impact I can have on myself and those around me,” Jake Emerson with Service Unlimited, Inc. said. 

Tom Dacers with VHV Company launched day two of the meeting with a best idea -- Implemented Level 10 Meeting Format. Following, Bryan Peterson with A&G Services shared his best idea of Assigned Service Techs as Team Leads. Juan Flores concluded day two’s best ideas by sharing his experience with Evernote and Todoist Applications. Each member engaged the group and facilitated conversations. “I really liked the individual company presentations. Each one was very informative and we will look into each one and evaluate to see if we can use the process or program,” Scot Hottel with Harvey W. Hottel, Inc. said. After questions were asked, Ruby continued with the topics Leverage Your Time, Motivate Your Team, Coach and Hold Your Team Accountable, and Build a Culture of Trust.

The final meeting day began with two more best ideas. Chris Reiter with A&G Services shared how they are using Interplay Learning and the training benefits their technicians are gaining. Mark Hottel shared the CompanyCam demo and explained how they are benefiting from using the program. After both presentations, Ruby came back and brought all of the content together, where he shared examples, videos, and answered any outstanding questions. After One Questions, the meeting wrapped up and members said their goodbyes. “In order for me to be successful in leadership roles, I really needed these sessions to focus on me and my strengths and weaknesses. This was really eye opening,” Josh Byler with Blauch Brothers, Inc. said.

Upcoming, The Unified Group has The Annual Meeting & Owners’ Forum November 10-14, 2021; Service Management Forum January 26-29, 2022 (click here to register); Sales Forum March 9-12, 2022 (click here to register); Human Resources Forum June 5-9 (click here to register); and more which can be found at https://theunifiedgroup.com/events