After Hurricane Ida travelled north bringing with it immense rainfall, the lands in and around Wilmington, Delaware were flooded. This created a great amount of damage to some of Service Unlimited, Inc.’s biggest customers – including Brandywine River Art Museum. “The collections were spared but required conditioned air as soon as possible or the art work would have to be relocated at an enormous cost,” Brian Martinenza of Service Unlimited, Inc. said. They desperately needed sheet metal work done to get air moving through the facility.

Service Unlimited, Inc.’s team was already scheduled on other projects but they needed manpower for their biggest customer. Martinenza utilized The Unified Group’s email tool to ask the other members if anyone was willing to help. Luckily, Blauch Brothers, Inc. was between projects and were able to send four employees to help – two sheet metal mechanics and two apprentices. These four guys worked 10-hour shifts Monday through Thursday and headed home on Fridays for two weeks. “It was scheduled for longer, but the project really ended up going more smoothly than we expected,” Martinenza said.

Without the collaboration of the two companies, Service Unlimited, Inc. would have had an enormous cost, because the Museum would have been forced to look elsewhere for services, leaving SUI at a loss. “That would have been catastrophic to our relationship with the museum,” Martinenza explained, “instead we delivered at a high level and won several other projects during the renovation stage of the project.” Overall, the email tool offered to The Unified Group members is a great resource that provides immediate access to get help from others.