After the 2022 Service Management Forum ended, Joel Knight of Harvey W. Hottel was inspired and ready to implement various tactics to his company. One piece that stuck out to him was “Realigning the Dispatcher Role,” presented by Chrissy Rizzo of Service Unlimited, Inc. In her presentation, Rizzo went over the conflicts they experienced and how they crafted new roles within the company to accommodate their employees’ current skills, while presenting on the success they found from the realignment.

Knight returned home and immediately set up a conference call with the Service Unlimited, Inc. team to understand the details of the implementation process. “I had a follow-up meeting to go over how we would proceed and immediately got started,” Knight said. “This was an absolute game-changer for our department.” A previous dispatcher and assistant each became service coordinators. This role takes the process from start to finish, while taking calls, schedules, dispatches, generates quotes, and more.

Prior to implementing the dispatcher roles, employees struggled to finish their work on time and realized they were participating in extra, unnecessary work. Whereas now, “they are proud of the duties they are completing and have time left in the day to perform extra duties,” Knight said. Overall, a higher output is generated, and employee satisfaction has increased.