After the 2021 Leadership Forum, many companies returned home inspired and with fresh ideas. With a phenomenal guest speaker, insightful member shares, and collaborative group discussions, members were sure to have numerous takeaways.

Chris Stokes of Air Controls is one individual who left the meeting ready to make progressive changes to his company. After the presentation on Team Leads by Bryan Peterson of A&G Services, Stokes went back to Montana and got to work, finding immense success. “The team leads have reduced the number of calls I’m receiving from techs and customers,” Stokes said. “This allows me to focus on the business and not be totally consumed by it.”

Rob Ward of VHV Company also implemented team leads after the forum and found success. “It has been beneficial with the transfer of information,” Ward said. Right now, VHV has over 30 technicians, five of which are team leads. This gives Ward and That gives Ward and the leadership team the ability to focus on different, but equally important, tasks. “Things are moving in the right direction!” Ward said.

Overall, members left the forum and implemented effective tips to help their companies grow. If you are interested in attending an upcoming meeting, contact Janet Kelleher at