BILLINGS, MT – One of the best parts of being a part of The Unified Group is the abundance of resources each member can utilize at any time. In addition to the professional development meetings, webinars, and acquired friendships, members have resources such as the email tool. Each week, numerous people post questions or concerns in the email tool, where other companies can provide solutions, their practices, or an affirmation that they are not the only people experiencing that problem.

On June 13, Chris Schaff of Air Controls posted a question, comparing old SINGER products to new SINGER products. Ultimately, Schaff was looking for a resource to find compatible pieces. Within the hour, Dave Schoendaller of Glassman Corporation responded with the name of a specific company that has helped them with the same type of issue.

“I called and got exactly what I needed,” Schaff said. “Dave saved me a huge amount of time and effort.”

Because we are geographically exclusive, members want to be there for one another, to grow collectively stronger. In being a part of The Unified Group, together we make the difference. If you know of a company that might be a good fit, reach out to Janet Kelleher at