Discovery Sound Technology (DST) is an easy-to-use, self-calibrating platform that predicts HVAC machine failure many months in advance. As a business solutions company, DST has created and patented the HVAC industry’s most sensitive diagnostics platform. Derren Saucier, Senior Vice President of Temperature, Inc., has been deeply involved in the details of setting up the technology platform and brought the idea to The Unified Group for a webinar.

On Tuesday, July 26, Mike Harden, Vice President of DST, hosted a webinar for The Unified Group. Harden spent the hour covering topics such as what type of issues DST can identify, ultrasound applications, comprehensive inspection capabilities, how to use the application, and more.

“We could not find any software that worked for us,” Saucier said. “But with what DST has to offer with customizations, it was a no-brainer.”

Ultimately, numerous members showed interest in the easy-to-use, self-calibrating platform. Harden created an excellent environment for members to learn, absorb, and collaborate. Are you interested in learning more about membership with The Unified Group? Contact Destiny Henschel at