‘Training Can Be A Great Performance Solution, But Only When It Is...’ Webinar Recap

As leaders, trainers, mentors, and just general problem solvers, we all desire to be part of the solution. But, how often have we each been guilty of jumping to ‘obvious’ solutions before the performance gaps are actually identified? This behavior is often time consuming, expensive, and ineffective. On August 8, 2022, Cary Dixon, Director of HR and Talent Development at Blauch Brothers, Inc., presented simple, pragmatic and time-tested models that can help users achieve desired performance outcomes to challenges both large and small.

“To get people to perform at that level, we have to really try to work on that positive attitude and optimism,” Dixon said.

Through the promotion of behavioral change, employees will want to improve performance, and do better for their company. In order to get better results, Dixon recommends offering new resolutions to shape those beliefs. Ultimately, actions determine results, so individuals within a company’s leadership team should change their focus to offering a different (and more positive) experience, because it alters the employee’s belief system.

“In order to grow, develop, and increase that confidence and competence, we [as leaders] have to push,” Dixon said.

Overall, Dixon provided new training ideas, concepts, and practices to the members of The Unified Group. Members can access this recording with their login credentials on our website. If you are interested in membership, contact Destiny Henschel at HenschelD@TheUnifiedGroup.com.