BILLINGS, MT – Chris Schaff of Air Controls had been looking into purchasing a coil line for quite a while but found the cost to be aggressively high in the recent years. Unrelated, Kelly True of General Sheet Metal reached out to Schaff just to check in and see how he and his family were. The topic of coil lines came up, and True mentioned they had a coil line for sale. Fortunately, the price range was exactly what Schaff was looking for. A few of Air Controls’ employees hopped on a plane to Clackamas, OR to visit General Sheet Metal.

“I was totally comfortable with what they had told me about the machine because of the trust factor of our peer group,” Schaff said.

Schaff knew this was exactly the opportunity he was looking for, so he decided to go forward with the purchase. True helped Schaff arrange details of shipping and storage until the coil lines was needed. With members helping members, Air Controls is now able to take their sheet metal shop to the next level, work more quickly on new jobs, while also making their fabrication shop more efficient.

“I couldn’t have asked for more,” Schaff said. “I was 100% secure in moving forward.”

Without The Unified Group, General Sheet Metal would have had the extra machine taking up space in their shop, while Air Controls would still be on the lookout for a coil line. Together, we make the difference!

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