HOUSTON, TX – After a nine year break, the controls professionals of The Unified Group were able to reunite in Houston for the 2023 Controls Forum. With a heavy discussion-based format, attendees were able to dig into the nitty gritty of the technical side, in addition to the business side, of all things controls.

Day one kicked off with a few representatives of Niagara/Tridium covering the software resources and capabilities they offer. The highlight of the day was the Biggest Challenge Breakout, where members were split into smaller groups to discuss their problems and create solutions together. 

“It seemed like everyone is having the same issues, just like us,” Chris Reiter of A&G Services said. “It’s comforting to know that we are not alone, and now we have like-minded people that we can reach out to, so that we might be able to resolve some of those same issues.”

The second day moved from the deeply technical conversations towards what’s going on in the business. Sales Success Stories were the highlight of day two. Six members shared how they helped their customers from putting in newly updated controls systems to getting rebate money back to pay for the project. These stories varied from relationship building and trust to customers service. 

“It was great to hear people’s perspectives on how they were able to succeed,” Johnny Townsend of Johnson & Jordan, Inc. said.

For the last day together, members came to the meeting room laughing and telling stories of the memories made with their new friends. The highlight of day three was the One Questions/ Lightning Round. In this segment, members can throw out any outstanding questions to the entire room and get instant answers and perspectives.

All in all, the 2023 Controls Forum was a huge success for all attendees. With an opportunity to visit a great place, meet intelligent individuals, create lifelong friends, while learning from the best in the industry, attendees were sure to leave Houston with an abundance of gains.

If you (or a company you know) might be a good fit for The Unified Group, contact Janet Kelleher at KelleherJ@TheUnifiedGroup.com to learn more.