At The 2023 Safety Forum, Erica Peet had discussed that VHV was looking to implement daily Pre-Task Planning. They felt it would greatly improve their safety program but weren’t sure at the time what the best method would be for their team. Through The Unified Group, they were connected with other Mechanical Contractors that do the same thing they do and face the same workplace hazards. This allowed them to see what others have in place and what was working for them. It also allowed VHV to not have to start from scratch and work out kinks along the way to create a PTP. They were able to see what others had created and pick out what would work best for their company. With help from other members, Erica reports that they implemented a mandatory Daily Pre-Task Planning requirement as of April 1st of 2024.  Right after the Safety Forum, Erica and her project manager, Max Tonks, used the Unified Safety Communication email tool to reach out to other members and ask what they were doing for PTP and what their forms looked like. They were then able to create their PTP promptly with all the outstanding PTP’s they were sent, some from Dustin Clair with A&G, Raymond Brison with General Sheet Metal, and Scott Krum with Legacy Mechanical. Erica stated that, “without the help from these other members, we would’ve spent a lot more time designing/creating our form, instead we were able to focus on training and implementing this new process, which in the long run we know will keep our workers safer, more productive, and able to focus on quality install/service.”  VHV is now a little less than one month in with this implementation, but they mentioned already feeling a shift in their safety culture. Everyone is now talking about the PTP’s, they are seeing them out on the jobs being used, and the details being added to the forms shows that their workers know what to do and do it right. A Vehicle Inspection Checklist was also implemented at VHV that was created with the help of all of those listed above, plus Melissa Melendez with Intech Mechanical, Doug Gregory with Gregory-Edwards and Tammy Barnes is Blauch Brothers. Being able to connect with these professionals really helps take the initial step, which is often the hardest step. Sharing what we have already created just sets the next person up for success! Together we make the difference.