After attending The Unified Group’s 2024 Sales Forum in San Antonio, James Geist with Glassman Corporation expressed that Jeff Ruby of Red Rock Leadership helped shaped his platform on becoming a Sales Engineer. James is new to the industry, and he felt that without this training, he would not be as successful. After attending this forum, he noticed an increase in his sales and success in his daily work life.

Jeff Ruby's training showed him how to maintain an open mind in creating a goal-oriented sales process. One of the words he kept hearing repeatedly was "commitment." It became clear to him that without a solid understanding of the market and a commitment to his role, failure would inevitably follow. He recognized the importance of understanding clients and their needs.

Since the forum, he has adopted a more deliberate approach to his sales process, taking the time to thoroughly understand potential clients rather than focusing on quantity. This shift has resulted in numerous successful sales.

Transitioning from law enforcement to a Sales Engineer role over a year ago, presented its challenges for him. While customers came to him easily in his previous role, as a Sales Engineer, he now must actively research and prospect potential clients. The training elaborated on various confidence levels: understanding the product, prospecting potential clients, and defining end goals with each client. He realized the importance of evolving into a trusted advisor, not just a solution provider.

James acknowledges that without the insights gained from the forum, he may not have grasped the fundamental skill set required to excel as a Sales Engineer. Between Jeff Ruby's developmental mindset for sales success and the resources provided by The Unified Group, there was much to learn. He is grateful for the ongoing support post-forum, knowing he can reach out with any questions or challenges he encounters. Together we make the difference!