From April 23rd to April 25th, A&G Services saw participation from two of their apprentices in the State Level United Association Apprentice Competition, hosted at UA Local 100’s Training Center.

 Apprentices hailing from various UA Locals across the State of Texas—including UA Local 68 and UA Local 211 from Houston, UA Local 142 from San Antonio, UA Local 286 from Austin, UA Local 529 from Waco, UA Local 100 from Dallas, UA Local 146 from Fort Worth, and UA Local 404 from Northwest Texas—sent their local competition champions to contend at the State Level. These apprentices competed in specialized trade categories such as Plumbing, Pipefitting, Welding, and HVAC.

 Shaw Turnage, a fifth-year apprentice from Local 146 and employed with A&G Services, participated in the pipefitting segment of the competition. Shaw's tasks encompassed a range of projects, including fabrication, copper work, tube bending, knots and signals, torch cutting, brazing, PVC installation, screw piping, ISO standards, and a written examination. Among the top pipefitting apprentices in the State of Texas, Shaw secured the fifth position out of six finalists.

 Hayden Baldridge, a fifth-year apprentice from Local 146 and employed with A&G Services, competed in the HVAC segment of the competition. Hayden's tasks encompassed various projects, including tube bending, pump alignment, electrical wiring, superheat/subcooling & customer service, brazing, electrical troubleshooting, knots & signals, and VFD troubleshooting. Hayden emerged as the victor in the HVAC section of the competition, earning the opportunity to represent UA Local 146 and A&G Services at The District 3 competition. This event gathers state winners from 11 different states. Hayden then went on to achieve a remarkable 2nd place finish in this competition! 

 Brian Tindell (UA Local 146 and employed with A&G Services as a Piping Superintendent) helped judge the welding portion of the State Competition.

 Robert W Price (UA Local 146 and employed with A&G Services as an Estimator/Project Manager) helped judge the HVAC portion of the State Competition and traveled to New Orleans this June to help judge the HVAC portion at The District 3 competition.

 We are very proud of both Shaw and Hayden and we are excited to see these 2 young men continue to grow in their respective professions.