After attending the 2024 Service Management Forum, Scott explained how active listening was a big change for him. In the midst of busy schedules, he recognized how easy it is to unintentionally appear dismissive to direct reports and others he engaged with. Scott emphasized the importance of going beyond mere information exchange in interactions. He stressed the value of seeing individuals for who they are, not just their talents, which fosters a deeper level of connection. Embracing this perspective allows for intentional and thoughtful dialogues infused with genuine care. 

The retention of several employees who were offered more lucrative opportunities elsewhere is attributed to Scott's approach of managing with care, while also being sensitive to cultural and generational disparities. He has implemented changes in communication, whether verbal or electronic, by prioritizing openness, honesty, and striving to understand the perspectives of others. Scott's aim is to cultivate an approachability that establishes open lines of communication within the workplace.