Sharing Best Practices and Bettering Each Other

Last month members gathered in Burlington, Vermont for our 2017 Construction Forum, “Hard at Work: A Focus on Maximizing Productivity”. Member reviews ranked this forum as “Fantastic” and “Absolutely great!” but our proudest moment came in the generosity of our members. 

In Burlington, VHV Company’s, Dave Brown, presented and facilitated a discussion regarding Labor Forecasting. Brown shared with the group a detailed excel sheet that VHV Company uses to organize their forecasting and scheduling. All of The Unified Group attendees complimented VHV Company for the organization and thoroughness of this form, but one attendee in particular made this his forum take-away.

Comfortrol’s Dave Hegel approached Brown at the end of the session to learn more about this form. Immediately upon returning home to Ohio, Hegel began implementation with his team.

Brown noted that the best part of The Unified Group is being in a room with people who genuinely want to help each other. VHV Company hosted The Unified Group for an amazing session and they have now left their mark in Columbus, Ohio. Hegel stated that he left the forum with much more than a new labor forecasting and scheduling method, but that he has “made friends in the trade that [I] will never forget.”

Members working together, sharing best practices and bettering each other is what makes The Unified Group successful, because as we all know and believe:

Together We Make the Difference.