An Open Door Policy

New member, Legacy Mechanical Inc., wasted no time building relationships with their fellow Unified Group members. In fact, Don Alstrup (Vice-President of Legacy Mechanical, Inc.) visited Salt Lake City member, Mechanical Service and Systems Inc. (MSS) and received a full tour of their facility. 

“I was in Salt Lake for a fabrication conference. Ryan and Quinton invited me to visit their facility which was great,” says Alstrup. “We were in the process of moving to our new building and I was able to take some ideas from MSS’s set up and adapt them to ours.”

Unified Group members take pride in knowing they have other like-minded contractors in their corner. Whether a tour through the shop or a consultation on a potential new software, our members know they have a nationwide network of support from their Unified Group family. “We are honored to have the members that we do,” Executive Director, Janet Kelleher adds, “It is their openness and dedication to everyone’s success that makes our organization so special.”

The Unified Group takes pride in its tagline: Together We Make The Difference, and stories like this make that ring true.