Let's do our best to "Make The Difference" for the people of Puerto Rico!

Our tag line at The Unified Group is “Together We Make The Difference”  so let’s do just that and help the people of Puerto Rico!    As you all know our meeting had to be moved from Puerto Rico, to Santa Fe, NM due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.  Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20, 2017 on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico causing significant damage both by wind and flooding. Communities all over the country experienced upwards of 20-30 inches of rain. Power was knocked out in totality across the entire island. Out of 1,600 communication towers, 1,360 were damaged or destroyed. While the death count has remained relatively low, there is little or no access to basic services and goods.

The island is currently in relief mode, learning how to function after all they have lost.  Many members reached out to me and felt that we should do something to help the people of Puerto Rico so I reached out to Convoy of Hope.  They have people on the ground in Puerto Rico and are in need of funds for meals, water, and supplies to help the people and the island.    

This is optional - we’d like to ask each member company to bring a check written to Convoy of Hope for as little or as much as you’d like to our Annual Meeting & Owners’ Forum (or you can mail it to me at The Unified Group) and I will collect them and mail them all to Convoy of Hope.  Our donations will be designated for the Puerto Rico Disaster and will go to help the people and the island.  Everyone will receive a receipt of donation for tax purposes.

Convoy of Hope is an amazing organization; they are often the first responders when there is a disaster.  Only 8% of the funds they collect go toward administrative costs, the other 92% goes to the communities by supplying meals, water, and helping them to rebuild.   Below is a video showing the devastation to the island and the people as well as a link to Convoy of Hope’s website.

Hal Donaldson Puerto Rico video disaster update;



 Let’s do our best to “Make The Difference” for the people of Puerto Rico!