Member Success - Air Controls

Since The Unified Group’s Service Management Forum took place earlier this year, Air Controls has begun utilizing a resource called drip training from HVAC School, which is a free web-based community that compiles and shares the most applicable HVAC/R training material they can find.  Drip training provides the opportunity to learn information slow and steady with one idea at a time instead of being bogged down with too much information at once.  The training includes a daily tech-tip email and weekly podcast.  “It’s another way to provide technical training especially to our younger techs and as a refresher for the senior guys. I have signed up as well to so I can follow up with the techs when they have questions on a subject and to continue to educate myself,” said Air Control’s Service Manager, Chris Stokes. 

Due to the nature of the business, long, in-depth trainings are not always conducive.  At the Service Management Forum, many agreed that training seminars in the classroom once or twice a year didn’t leave a huge impact on the technicians; receiving too much information at once can be confusing and overwhelming.  To ensure the technicians will retain valuable information, a short drip under two to three minutes is created and delivered every week, making sure to keep the idea to the point.  This method makes a huge difference when the same information is consistently given to everyone on a weekly basis, because it trickles down and everyone is able to retain the information. 

“Educating us all in small quantities has left a big impact; it doesn’t hinder productivity time and it’s allowing the techs to cross train between HVAC and refrigeration.  As a result, this method is making everyone more versatile and better equipped to handle our customers’ needs,” said Stokes.  Lastly, the website allows technicians to reference the tech tips at any time of the day as they are all archived.  In this field where concepts are changing often, it’s integral to have a resource at your fingertips.  It’s recommended that all take a closer look at this free HVAC School drip training option.