Member Spotlight - Tebarco Mechanical

Productivity is vital to the overall success of a business.  When a business understands this, it can result in greater output from the same amount of input.  Tebarco Mechanical created a survey company called Bimble within their organization one year ago and they have seen an increase in productivity and financial growth since its inception.

Bimble uses high precision robotic software to lay out the field and provide location for project infrastructure.  With this state-of-the-art technology, Tebarco Mechanical is able to design and layout constructible systems quickly and efficiently utilizing BIM and Robotic Total Stations.  This includes designing fabrication-ready models and layouts for anything.  The advantages range from 3D modeling, Revit implementation consulting, 3D scanning, slab scanning, surveying, and construction layout for any and all systems.

The Robotic Total Station follows you, creating a one man crew.  With use of the Total Station layout, Bimble has been able to eliminate human error and significantly speed up the layout process.  Bimble has the capability of laying out up to 500 points, hangers, fittings, cores, penetrations, etc. in one day.  “Now we can factor in user error with hand layout versus total station layout.  This has really improved accuracy,” says Bimble Operations Manager, Nicolas Valentino.

Trevor Barden, Tebarco’s Administrator, first saw some guys using the Total Station at the Atlanta Falcon’s Stadium.  After that, he convinced management to purchase two Total Stations to start with.  Because of Nicolas Valentino’s 12 years of experience, he was brought in to oversee this new division.  “The Robotic Total Station has streamlined our process because it can do the work of five guys.  At the stadium’s jobsite, Total Station covered 20,000 points; what would take a crew a week to do, only took one day,” said Valentino.  Due to the success of Bimble, Tebarco Mechanical has acquired a third total station.
Adding the Bimble company has changed Tebarco Mechanical’s process immensely.  “It was difficult to start because we didn’t believe how effective it could be until we saw the financial growth.  It went upwards by 40%.  We’ve even had some months that growth was up to 60%,” says Valentino.

Having this technology at their fingertips has opened up endless possibilities.  Being this efficient and productive ensures that jobs are completed in a shorter time frame. Now, Tebarco Mechanical allows their Bimble team to acquire their own jobs to create their own separate income, which is an extraordinary incentive.  With this new Bimble organization, they are able to manage countless projects throughout Georgia and plan to continue expanding.  Creating Bimble and investing in Robotic Total Stations has been a huge success for Tebarco Mechanical!