Member Spotlight - Temperature Inc.

Being effective is not about getting great results in spurts but about constantly performing and executing for the greatest outcome.  Our member, Temperature Inc., began using the Goodway CC-400HF HiFlo Coil Cleaner last spring which is a machine designed to penetrate and clean large, thick coils.  The decision to try something new came after using generic booster pumps that didn’t come close to performing as needed and having to replace them often.  They needed a product that could handle rugged duty.

Temperature Inc., found that using the generic booster pumps to thoroughly clean coils on all of their large jobs required a lot of labor hours. It had become a temporary fix because they would have to go back later in the summer for a second cleaning in some cases.  After investing in one Goodway CC-400HF HiFlo Coil Cleaner, the payback was significant resulting in Temperature Inc. purchasing another Goodway CC-400HF HiFlo Coil Cleaner.  “At the end of the year, I ran the numbers compared to prior years and saw a 25% average decrease in labor hours for coil cleaning.  One of our larger accounts showed 48 labor hours saved from previous years.  The machine costs $1595.00 and we saved that and more in reduced labor hours within the first year,” said Derren Saucier, Temperature Inc.’s Vice President of Service. 

The benefits of using this coil cleaner also resulted in Temperature Inc., gaining a new account with a customer that has a high-rise office building that struggled with on-going airflow problems.  After a thorough analysis, they found the problem to be a huge air handler serving the perimeter of the entire building with an impacted chilled water coil that was approximately six to eight inches thick.  “It appeared someone had attempted to clean it before but just impacted the coil. We were able to completely clean the coil using the Goodway machine, solved the airflow issues, and ended up with the account,” said Saucier.

Temperature Inc., has gained significant savings in labor hours by using this coil cleaner.  The innovative system delivers 400 PSI of cleaning power at 3 GPM to quickly and safely flush dirt, debris, biological growth and more from thick evaporator and condenser coils.

This information was shared at our Service Management Forum and many purchased the machine while still at the meeting.  We’d definitely recommend looking into the Goodway CC-400HF HiFlo Coil Cleaner to help save time and money!