2019 Sales Forum Highlights

Over 25 members met in Houston, TX to attend The Unified Group’s Sales Forum where members shared best practices on all things sales related from making that first impression to how to market to bring in new maintenance contracts.  Members shared different technology they are using for CRM and estimating jobs.  The attendees left with a wealth of takeaways to bring back and implement within their sales process. “The meeting was a great way to meet and network with other contractors who share the same challenges and make new contacts.” Joe Zufelt, Johnson & Jordan, Inc.

The group spent day one with Fred Reggie, Executive Coach and Speaker, talking about creating a mission, vision and values within our organizations and how important it is to know and share your company’s history and what makes your company different.  Customers do business with those they know like and trust; those whom they have an emotional connection with.  One of the best takeaways of the day was that customer service is not a department; it is an attitude to be delivered to customers from the top down.  

Day two started off with Chris Reiter (A&G Piping) discussing making first impressions; would you call yourself back?  The group shared what they are doing marketing wise to bring in new maintenance agreements.  We also received advice from members on four different CRM (Client Relationship Management) software programs they are using and they explained their likes and dislikes of each.  John Duggan (VHV Company) facilitated discussion on how to handle a new lead from start to finish while keeping goals moving forward. To end the day, members had a chance to break out in small groups to discuss and get feedback and advice on the biggest challenge they are currently facing in their sales process.  “If I didn’t attend the meeting, I would have missed the connections with other member companies and the ideas shared that I will bring back home to make our company better.” Logan Downing, Glassman Corporation.

The final day, Mike Devito (Air Comfort Corporation) presented how they market and estimate full coverage contracts.  Tim Smerz (The Unified Group) facilitated a large group discussion on estimating small jobs and projects and how to close the deal. The day wrapped with Unified Group business opportunities and how to promote the group to your customer to let them know how it benefits them. If your customer has multiple locations in other areas, there are Unified Group members to help take care of them.  “Business opportunities is an extension of what The Unified Group is all about.  Sharing experiences, learning from other members and collaborating as we all move forward.  I hope I have a future opportunity to pay it forward and help someone out in their market.”  Chris Schmich, Intech Mechanical.

Thank you to our task force Mike DeVito (Air Comfort Corporation), Chris Reiter (A&G Piping) and John Duggan (VHV Company) for helping to create a great agenda for a successful Sales Forum.