Member Success - Service Unlimited, Inc.

Upon returning from the 2019 Service Management Forum, Rachel Sykes, Director of Service Operations for Service Unlimited, Inc., spoke with ownership and they made an immediate decision to form an in-house committee to influence their culture and help define their core values.  “The Culture and Communication Committee is made up of long-tenured employees who understand and embody our culture.  They work to reinforce the company’s culture necessary for the overall success of Service Unlimited, Inc.  The committee also fosters two-way communication within SUI to ensure employee input up the chain of command,” said Sykes.

The Culture and Communication Committee strives to make SUI an even better place to work and provides an opportunity for real employee involvement.  The committee has been well received by the staff; they are happy to have a place to voice suggestions or concerns which are presented to the right people who handle them quickly.  Service Unlimited, Inc., also has an events committee made up of four technicians and one manager.  They have organized volunteer opportunities, charity sporting events, and get-togethers outside of work to promote the same culture.  The payback of forming this committee has been fulfilling and has resulted in employees being more productive, engaged and loyal.  “When employees are happy, they make our customers happy,” said Sykes.