B&I Contractors, Inc. - Member Success Using Purchasing Partner

Growing your business while saving money may seem impossible if your company doesn’t have the proper resources.  Fortunately, our purchasing partner Schooley Mitchell, the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, offers services that help clients grow their business and save money by utilizing their expertise of reducing essential business costs by 27-28%.

B&I Contractors, Inc., learned about Schooley Mitchell at last year’s Financial Forum when members shared their experience working with them.  B&I reached out to inquire in January 2019.  To complete a detailed analysis, Schooley Mitchell required access to B&I’s cell phone account with Verizon Wireless.  Initially, there was hesitation with moving forward, however, B&I decided to proceed.  Schooley Mitchell requested information on how many devices were in use including all cellular devices, iPad ‘s with internet access along with the data capabilities and considered all billing accounts.  Two weeks later, the analysis details were given to show where the company was prior to starting and where the savings would come in.  After hearing the anticipated savings, B&I decided it was best to sign up for the program.  Within the next billing cycle, B&I Contractors, Inc., could already see the savings.

“Schooley Mitchell knows the telephone business; they have their finger on the pulse of promotions going on all the time.  Overseeing the information technology department for B&I Contractors Inc., I don’t have time to investigate or shop around for the best deals like Schooley Mitchell does.  They are very focused on what works for companies and they always reach out to our company to inform us of new promotions and ways to save,” said B&I Contractors, Inc., Information Technology Manager Bill Lamon.

The benefits of using Schooley Mitchell have been very positive from the constant contact and communication during the set-up process to the overall savings.  “Schooley Mitchell is great with sending mid-cycle and month-end billing reports that also include data usage.  I like the fact that it saves me time, so I don’t have to log in and go through every bill to review each line and the data usage for each employee.  This has helped to identify if there is a spike in data usage for our employees. (example, usage of 3gb to 18gb within one month).  We can better determine who needs corrective action for unauthorized internet usage that if left undetected, could cost the company in the end,” said Lamon.

“Schooley Mitchell receives 50% of all savings, however, if we didn’t use Schooley Mitchell, we’d still be spending more money overall for our cellular and data services.  We began saving seven months ago and we’re anticipated to save approximately $65,000 by the close of 2019,” said Lamon.

Any business that uses telephones, wireless devices, computers, processes debit or credit cards or uses shipping and courier services can benefit from Schooley Mitchell’s expertise.  Their fees are self-funded out of the savings generated. If savings aren’t found, their clients don’t pay.  It’s worth looking into Schooley Mitchell for stellar savings!