Member Spotlight - Air Controls

In today’s workplace, safety procedures are important for the well-being of both employees and employers.  Air Controls has grown incredibly over the last two years and it was decided that they needed to expand to include a HR/Safety Department.  At the end of February 2019, a new member of the team was selected, and the process began.

In March of this year, Air Controls started a comprehensive review and revision of their safety program.  It began with the formation of a Safety Committee, then the creation of a Near-Miss Reporting Program and continued with a revision of their safety manual.  “We partnered with workers’ compensation carriers and the company’s insurance broker’s safety consultants to build the best program possible.  We’ve been able to negotiate a 10% decrease in our workers’ compensation premium,” said Dave Ude, HR & Safety Professional.

Air Controls continued to improve the information provided during their monthly safety meeting. They looked to advance into an electronic Learning Management System that would continue to improve the safety footprint with their teams.   They added a bi-monthly newsletter, site visits and inspections and took an informative, pre-emptive approach to safety, while adding a dash of humor and a personal touch. “By making these simple changes, our employees have become more vocal in their safety needs, whether it be PPE, shirts, vehicle issues, or tools, they are readily reporting their needs,” said Ude.

In addition, the number of reported near-misses involving their employees has dropped drastically; the teams are being safety conscious! So much so that Air Controls started a “Why Do You Work Safe?” campaign to continue receiving input from the teams in the field.

“Supervisors and employees are equally responsible and are expected to develop the proper attitude toward safety and health.  Everyone is responsible for ensuring that all operations are conducted with the utmost regard to health and safety. Our main goal is to keep our employees working safe and engaged! Being accident free enhances morale, which increases productivity and ultimately enhances the bottom-line for everyone. It is a win, win, win situation for everyone!” said Ude.

Great job to Air Controls for being dedicated to the promotion of safety in the workplace.  A safe workplace attracts and retains quality employees and allows everyone to thrive in a safe, caring environment!