Member Spotlight - CMC Corporate Solutions & Gregory-Edwards, Inc.

Teamwork and collaboration can speed up an organization's’ entire process and make it easier to achieve valuable results.  Our member, CMC Corporate Solutions, was contacted by their long-time client whom they’ve completed quite a bit of work for in the southern Louisiana area.  The client had a job at a distribution center in Dayton, TX, northeast of Houston and asked CMC Corporate Solutions to travel to complete this job.  Considering that this was a pretty big job that was further away than their normal work area, an operations meeting was quickly planned.

“We spoke about it at our operations meeting, and I suggested that we reach out to our Unified Group member, Gregory Edwards and Kelly Matlock, to see if they would be able to support us if we took the job on.  Kelly was more than willing to help us in any way he could,” says Chris DeMers, Contract Administrator, CMC Corporate Solutions.  Kelly Matlock, Service Manager for Gregory-Edwards, provided two guys to support the project team and also helped with material coordination for the things that CMC was unable to bring with them.  “With the help of Kelly, we were able to complete the job in three days where without the help of Gregory Edwards, our project team would have been gone for an entire week,” said DeMers.

An added bonus was hearing positive feedback after a successful job completion.  Kenneth Hoffart, one of Gregory-Edward’s lead technicians, reached out to Chris DeMers the following week with a heartfelt message:

“Chris, it was a pleasure working with Clint and Tony the last three days.  It didn’t take us long to get to know each other (10 min) and dive straight in on this project.  We worked as a team and made it happen.  We had our challenges at times, but as a team, we conquered all. We shared our knowledge with one another as well as laughter.  When you have all those things there, it makes a job go well.  On behalf of Gregory-Edwards and myself, thank you for the opportunity!” said Hoffart.

“It was great to be able to reach out to another Unified Group member for help when needed.  The willingness of Kelly and his Gregory-Edwards team to help a member company are the epitome of “Together We Make the Difference,” said DeMers.