Glassman Corporation Hosts Their 4th Annual Skilled Trades Tech Day!

Glassman Corporation held its fourth annual skilled trades tech day, which had 127 students from seven high schools and one tech school in attendance.  They had four or five of the attendees request applications for employment and a few inquired about coming back for another visit to learn more about specific items.

There were eleven vendors present at the event.  Noah Morford from Victaulic attended, he posted on LinkedIn and AGC of Kansas and also plans on featuring this event in their annual newsletter.

“We have already been contacted from additional vendors for next year’s tech day.  The part that’s really neat is the vendors who are usually competing for business are all banding together to get the kids interested and enlightened on the opportunities out there.  This is a chance they have to make great money and get a solid job,” said Senior Project Manager, Dave Schoendaller, Glassman Corporation.

Since the start of Glassman Corporation’s efforts, they now have three Glassman employees going through and/or graduating from tech school.  They have helped seven other kids find work in the trades with some of their subcontractors from electrical to welding to general contracting, so they are constantly receiving feedback.  Nice job to our member, Glassman Corporation, on hosting another successful tech day!