Member Success - A&G Services

Being able to close out projects can be difficult if there isn’t a streamlined process in place.  Our member, Ken Trotter, Project Manager of A&G Services, decided it would be beneficial to incorporate project close out into their weekly staff meeting after attending The Unified Group’s 2019 Construction Forum.  This would help employees discuss what they needed to start or stop doing and what was being done well and needed to continue.

“To accomplish this task on a routine basis, we started using MS forms to collect data for our weekly staff meetings.  The form goes out to the project managers and estimators every Monday morning.  They fill out the form before our Tuesday meetings and we compile and print the data and use it as an agenda item during meetings,” said Trotter.  During the meetings, the project managers discuss any project closing that week, what went well and what didn’t.  The managers are required to speak with the field crew beforehand so that they can bring that information to the meeting.

“I believe our meetings have progressed from “nuts and bolts” only to actionable discussion.  We discuss current problems, potential problems and how to solve them.   By incorporating the project close out, we now have a tool to gauge our staff’s current capabilities and talents.  A&G Services has become more proactive,” said Trotter.  Job well done A&G Services!