Johnson & Jordan, Inc., Teams Up with Fisher Engineering and Achieves Success Before the Snow Falls!

With winter coming and in the midst of a busy production season, Jerry Squiers, Facilities and Maintenance Supervisor at Fisher Engineering in Rockland, Maine, was tasked with installing high pressure nitrogen piping for a bank of high-tech metal laser cutting systems. The high-pressure equipment called for a hospital-quality cleaned, permanent, copper piping.  Additionally, nitrogen purges over the active work floor pose a serious hazard.  Jerry was concerned about lost production time and safety during the install.  Jerry teamed up with our members, Dana Foote and Patrick Caskin, Project Managers, at Johnson & Jordan Mechanical in Scarborough, Maine.  Eight off-hour weekends were allocated for the project.

Using Lokring Technology's weldless system that handles the pressures and temperatures, the installation was completed in only three weekends.  Scheduled for 8 weekends, the installation was successfully completed in 3 weekends.  There was no hotwork, plant disruption, nor one leak.  Fisher production was never impacted and the new equipment was up and running two months ahead of schedule!

Awesome job to our member, Johnson & Jordan, for your assistance in achieving a successful outcome on this project!  Johnson & Jordan has installed hundreds of Lokring fittings in both healthcare and industrial sites to avoid the issues of hotwork.