Register Today for the Visual Live: How to Livestream Your Field Walk to Remote Staff Webinar!

In this live webinar, you will learn how you can use Microsoft Teams and Remote Assist 365 to continue your work while adhering to social distancing requirements. You will learn how to display the jobsite visualization with BIM overlay in real-time.

  • Learn how to achieve virtual jobsite walks with less field attendance
  • Capture Design Issues early in the process and avoid Rework in the field
  • Explore VisualLive latest feature updates for BIM model placement in the field as-well-as working with capture issues and progress reports
  • How to setup livestreaming on our HoloLive app with Microsoft Remote Assist to remote works with two-way audio to collaborate on design issues
  • How to setup livestreaming on our MobiLive app on iPad with Microsoft Teams to connect to remote engineers

VisualLive allows teams to livestream their BIM to everyone involved in the project for real-time collaboration and continual improvement while maintaining safe physical separations. 
  1. Featuring 2-way audio and video communication
  2. Available on both HoloLive and MobiLive apps from VisualLive
  3. COVID-19 | Avoid field activity – Stay safe at home while connected using Remote Streaming

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